2017-2018 Secaucus Recreation Basketball Champions

Senior Boy’s Division: Re/Max

Coach Raymond Mitchell                                   

Coach Nankin Robles                         

Jarrod Lees                                                    

Maksim Abramovich                                               

Ayush Agarwal                                                    

Abdelrahman Eshmavvy                                     

Jeremy Mitchell                                                    

Oscar Rodriquez                                               

Nicholas Toro                                            

Joshua Conception                                         

Fabian France                                                 

Linus Mundo                                           

Joseph Pepe                                           

Noah Robles

Senior Girls Division: Better Homes & Gardens
Junior Boys Division: Indian Caucus
Junior Girl’s Division: Wendy's

Secaucus Recreation Basketball

Secaucus Recreation Basketball is divided into 4 groups for boys and 4 groups for girls, plus travel teams. 

The age requirements are as follows:

Instructional – K & 1st Grades

Pee Wee – 2nd & 3rd Grades

Junior – 4th, 5th & 6th Grades

Senior – 7th & 8th Grades

Registration for recreation basketball, along with all sports programs, is conducted through Community Pass. 

Basketball Rules

Pee-wee Rules
Game Time:
  • 2 X 16 Minute Running Time Halves
  • The Clock Will Only Stop Inside One (1) Minute Of Each Half, And Overtime
  • If The Score Is A 15 Point Spread Or More The Clock Will Continue To Run Inside (1) Minute At The
  • End Of A Game.

Rotations (Playing Time):
  • All Players Will Be Rotated On Or Around The Nearest Clock Stoppage At
  • Each 4 Minute Sequence.
  • Coaches Will Fill Out A Player Rotation Chart Before
  • Each Game To Be Handed Into The Table Before Tip-off. Rotation Will Continue Into The Second Half.

Players Arriving Late:
  • Coaches Can Choose To Add The Player When He/she Walks In Or Not Until The Second Half.
  • If You Decide To Add In Immediately The Player Goes To The Bottom Of The Rotation.
  • If You Decide To Wait Until Second Half You Can Adjust Your Rotation

Uneven Amount Of Players:
If 1 Team Has More Players Then Their Opponent The Coach With More Player Can Do The Following…
  • If Only Minus 1 Player The Opposing Coach May Pick 1 Player From His Team "Not" In The Last
  • Rotation Of Each Half To Play An Extra Rotation In Place Of Another
  • If Minus More Than 1 The Opposing Coach May Play Whomever They Wish For The Last Rotation Of Each Half.

Players Fouling Out / Ejected / Hurt Or Sick:
  • In These Events, The Next Player On The Rotation Sheet Will Enter The Game.

  • Pee Wee Division Is (1) Ot Period Only
  • 3 Minutes Running Time (Stopping On Each Whistle Inside 1 Minute)
  • Coaches Will Have An Open Bench And Play Who They Wish.
  • Sub's Will Report To Table And Be Allowed To Enter On Dead Balls Only
  • Players Are Permitted To Jump Over The Foul Line On Ft Attempts But Cannot Move From Their Landing
  • Until The Ball Hits The Rim.

Playing Rules:
  • Players Must Play Man To Man Defense Only
  • No Double Teaming Outside Of The Key Area (Allowed Inside The Key)
  • Backcourt Defensive Pressure Is Only Allowed In The Final 10 Seconds - If A Team Is
  • Losing By 3 Points Or Less
  • Teams Are Allowed Three (3) Full Timeouts Per Game.
  • No Carry Over Into Ot - (2) Time Outs Per Team Are Allowed

Free Throws:
  • (7) Players Total (Including The Shooter) Are Permitted On The Foul Line During Shots.
  • Players On The 'key' Can Move On The Release Of The Ball From The Shooter
  • Shooter May 'jump' Over The Line On His/her Shot But Cannot Move Forward Beyond That
  • Until Ball Touches The Rim

Ejection Rules:
  • Any Coach Ejected From A Game Will Serve A (1) Game Suspension.
  • A Second Ejection Will Result In A (2) Game Suspension - A Third Will Result In (3) Games And So On…
  • Any Player Who Receives A Technical Foul Will Not Be Permitted To Play For The Remainder
  • Of That Game
  • Any Player Removed From A Second Game Will Serve A Minimum (1) Game Suspension.
  • Any Additional Tech-fouls After The 2nd May Result In Removal From The League.
Junior Rules
Senior Rules


Girls Basketball Schedules


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